Wild And Nudist Beaches In Crimea

Nudism in Crimea, Ukraine

Crimea has long tradition of nudism: it was first place in Russia, where people gathered sharing ideas of nudist lifestyle and social naturism. In the early 20th century, just a bit later after naturist movement appeared in Germany, the Russian Symbolist poet and painter Maximilian Voloshin established the very first nudist base at his house in Koktebel.

Nudism in Koktebel, Crimea, Ukraine

Max Voloshin was inspired by the organization “Freier Bund” founded by doctor Küster, who organized nudist park in Grünwald and was able to protect his views against “the most shamefaced police — the Prussian one” (M.Voloshin “About Nudity”, 1914).

Naturism in different periods of time

Voloshin’s house in Koktebel attracted the most openminded people of its time: the artists. It was a place where nude painters worked together with nude models just on the seashore, shocking the locals with such an “impermissible behavior”.

Koktebel naturists

During the first years after the October Revolution in Russia nudism was tolerated by some communist leaders and even Lenin himself, who thought “it has a healthy proletarian source”. Although the Soviet radical pro-nudist organization “Shame Off!” was destroyed by conservative-thinking Stalin in 1925, and the whole nudist movement has been banned. A few years later the same fate befell the German nudists, initially supported by the nazis.

Lisya Buhta, Fox Bay

Some sort of thaw came with appearance of first Soviet hippies, responded to the echoes of International Sexual Revolution. They’ve chosen the remote place Lisya Buhta (Лисья Бухта, “Lis’ya Bukhta” or “Lisya Bay”, which means “Fox Bay”) near Koktebel with it’s beautiful beach line suitable for camping. Also there’s small forest nearby where people collect firewood and a source of drinking water at the foot of Echki-Dag mountain.


Some people didn’t like the growing popularity of Lisya Buhta, so they decided to find another wilder place to camp. Their choice fell on Meganom, a cape near Sudak with lots of small bays and pebble beaches. Because it’s quite hard to get there, and there’s no shops or civilization traces (except of lighting house and windmills), Meganom became a paradise for naturists who are looking for contemplation in tranquility.

Ukrainian Naturism

There’s one more cape close to Sevastopol, called Fiolent. The water is very clean there and has splendid celadon color. Although it is easy to get to Fiolent from Sevastopol, wild beach is hard reachable because of landslides and jumpings on the rocks. Also there’s only few flat places to stay with a tent, usually taken during the season.

Simeiz Nudist Beach

The Southern coast of Crimea does not abound nudist beaches. Still there’s one in Simeiz under the mountain Koshka. People visit this place to enjoy the spectacular landscapes and camp between huge rocks and thickets of juniper.

Nudism in Crimea